Unique Crochet Doily Patterns for Modern Crafters

When you say crochet, people either think one of two things. Some people imagine scratchy acrylic yarn and Granny Square blankets. Other people picture old-fashioned doilies covering every surface in their homes. However, crochet projects today can be very modern. In fact, you can even find a lot of modern … Continue reading

Starting a Crochet Business What It Takes

Identified as one of the most obsessive hobbies, it is quite difficult for crocheters to be away from crocheting for longer periods as it is part of their daily routine. If you are a hard-core crocheter and it has been your obsession for many years, why not try to make … Continue reading

A Crochet Business? But that is not a business – it is a hobby!

We’ve lived through many long years in which we saw our mothers and grand-mothers sit quietly by the porch crocheting blankets through to pot holders. But the hands of time have turned and now ways to make money crocheting have opened the doors to become a fully fledged business -your … Continue reading